Who we are

Rental company for filmmakers, run by professionals with international and domestic film experience.

Gábor Kasza focus puller, with more than 20 years of experience as a camera technician, Gábor Bánrévi Jr., with 15 years of experience as a gaffer and lighting technician, help all production managers to make the right and really necessary list of equipment.

László Szántai and Máté Csongrádi are our well-trained and highly respected warehouse colleagues, available for any questions or requests.

What we do?

We want your shooting to runsmooth. For this we provide appropriate equipment and technical support for the whole rental period.

Having great experience, we help you choose the right equipment to stay within your budget.

We also provide a camera, light and grip team if required.

Most of our devices are new or very well-maintained. They will surely not let you down.

We also respond quickly to your extra needs during filming.

We know the world of filmmaking

We are committed to working with novice, talented cameramen and helping them grow.

Contact us with confidence for your low-budget production as well.

Come in and test our equipment!