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Who We Are

Professional rental company by filmmakers for filmmakers with international point of view. We provide for our customers easy rental process and full support for our equipment based in Budapest, Hungary.
We are an authorized Vantage© Partner and therefore we are the part of international filmmaking.

What We Do

We would provide film crews with the knowledgeable support that we had looked for but hadn't found. We give you the tools and the know-how so you can walk onto your set confidently.

We want your shoot to succeed, and to be as budget friendly as possible.

We will help you choose the right gear, offer advice, assist during your prep to make sure everything is working as intended, and more.

We love our gear, and maintain it lovingly, and you can relax knowing that the gear you find here won’t be all worn out or beat up. Whether you prep and pick it up yourself, or we prep it and ship it out to your set, you will get the best support we can offer.

Understanding Business

Some of the big rental houses knew film production, but they understandably preferred working with big, established clients on long, multiple-camera shoots. We knew from the start that we wanted to work with all cinematographers.
We have an indie-friendly pricing policy that helps young filmmakers to achieve their goals. We are open minded about your new project.

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